Project Description

The new Saguaro to Marana 115/138kV line would begin at the planned Trico Electric Cooperative Inc. Adonis Substation and proceed west across Interstate 10, continuing to the planned Tucson Electric Power (TEP) substation siting area located along West Marana Road between North Sanders Road and North Wentz Road. This portion of the Project will be constructed as a double circuit transmission line. One circuit will be owned and operated by Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (AEPCO), and one circuit will be owned and operated by TEP. The AEPCO circuit will be energized at 115kV, while the TEP circuit will be energized at 138kV. The co-location of AEPCO and TEP assets will minimize environmental impacts and provide efficiencies in the permitting processes required to build the facilities. From the approximate location of the planned TEP 138kV substation, the remainder of the line proceeding westerly to the existing AEPCO Marana Substation along West Marana Road to the existing AEPCO Marana Substation will be single-circuit 115kV, solely owned by AEPCO.

The transmission lines will utilize steel monopole (single pole) structures ranging in height from 65-95 feet tall, with spans of 500-700 feet in length. Right-of-way will be approximately 100 to 120 feet and may be co-located along existing roads or other utility rights-of-way.

A proposed route has been selected based on routing considerations and public feedback. The proposed route, route alternatives, interconnection points, and the project study area are illustrated on the map below.

Project Map