Who will this project serve?

The new facilities are intended to further our commitment to high quality, affordable, and reliable electric service for all our customers. These new facilities are needed to serve AEPCO and TEP customers and respective service territories in the vicinity of the Town of Marana and Northeastern Pima County. This additional power capacity is needed to serve the new residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs in the Marana area.

This project will bring direct and indirect benefits to individuals and the community. Providing safe and reliable electric service enables economic growth, bringing high-end jobs and revenue to the area. This project will improve the transmission infrastructure in the vicinity of the Town of Marana, which benefits economic development in the long term, including:

  • The ability to better meet the growing energy needs, and increase the reliability to residents
  • Help create new businesses and job opportunities
  • Help sustain a larger tax base to better support the communities